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PA Wild Hog Hunting, Wild Boar hunting Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Hunting Ranch

This Pennsylvania wild boar hunting Ranch is a place where boars run wild.

We will guide you on a fair Chase boar hunt inside our Pennsylvania hunting Preserve. This boar hunting preserve has 200 plus acres for you hunt on. Your guide is a experienced hunter who will assist you in a boar hunt you will remember and want to come back for more.

Whether your boar hunting with archery, crossbow, shotgun, or rifle hunts for wild boar we will set you up in a stand that is strategically place or will spot and stalk.  When spot and stalking is being done we will guide you on our ranch.. Pennsylvania hunting licenses are required.

Experienced hunters know that wild boar hunting can be very dangerous. Wild boar are equipped with thick, razor-sharp tusks, and a razor-sharp mind (wild hogs are very smart animals) a wild boar can weigh as much as 660 lbs and can be very aggressive and yes unpredictable when hunted. As with any wild animal when a wild boar is injured it can turn and attack the first thing it sees. That is why hunting with an experienced hunter is so important when setting on to harvest one of these animals.

PA Wild Boar Hunting Prices,

Russian Boar Hunts prices

    Up to 200 lbs $790.00
    200 to 275 lbs $880.00
    300 to 350 lbs $990.00
    375 to 450 lb $1390.00 (Giant Wild Boars)
    Feral meat hogs $665.00

Are all Inclusive Package priced at $1,100 includes 1 Russian Boar up to 200 lbs + 1  night lodging which includes food & lodging +  Butchering and Freezer Wrapped.

Anyone can add extra night for a 2 day package: $1,173
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